A walk along a Long Beach

My stay in Ushuaia was beginning to come to an end. I had a plane ticket for the next day to El Calafate, which I had taken at the beginning of December, although my real destination in Santa Cruz was El Chaltén. While my idea was to continue climbing, a part of me felt at home.

That morning I didn’t make trek or excursions plans. I left the map aside and enjoyed the warmth of Cruz del Sur. I wrote, I drank mate and I caressed Kren, whose presence reminded me how much I missed living with animals. Relaxing is also part of the travel experience.

With Roy and Yaniv, we joked about the relief we would feel that night, because one of our roommates, who snoring loudly, had just left. The flow of people was impressive, since most of them used to stay between one and three nights, and that made coexistence even more enriching.

At 16 it was too late to go to the mountain, so I proposed to Belén and Inés, the girls from Córdoba, to go to long beach. After a while, Martín, another of the guests, joined us. We loaded the mate, the camera and went down to the bus stop. We take line A to the industrial zone and follow the path that runs along the coast of the Beagle Channel to the first pedestrian access, from where we observe the center of Ushuaia. The previous day it had snowed in the mountains, so the peaks were whiter and that enhanced their beauty.

We walked along the beach, drank mate and talked about our next destinations. We all thought to continue the ascent, although by different ways.

On the way back, they reached us to the center. So it was that Ines and I ended up traveling in the back seat of a car with a dogo puppy kissing our faces. After a shower, I began to organize my things.

That night I met Gerardo and Celeste, a couple from Rosario who left to travel the world and fell in love with Ushuaia on the way. I understood perfectly the attraction that this city exerted on them, because something similar had happened to me. The “End of the world” seemed to be the ideal place for those of us who were beginning to write a new story.

Text and photos of  Gabriela Naso.

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