About us

I’m Gabriela Naso, argentine journalist and photographer. Curious by nature, a lover of travel and good gastronomy, and passionate about my profession, in 2015 I decided to create Travel and Taste in order to share experiences, portray characters and document places, always by the hand of story and photography.

With the passage of time, I defined the essence of this project, which seeks to be a guide, either when embarking on a great trip or making a break, to choose the type of accommodation or to try new tastes.

Here you will find anecdotes, reflections and photos of our trips to inform you, inspire and, above all, ask you questions. Hopefully, after reading or looking at a photo, you will be tempted to grab your backpack or suitcase, choose a destination, encourage yourself to eat a new meal or drink a wine on the shore of a lake.

The choice of a new place presents the possibility of starting from scratch and embark on an adventure to live unique experiences and moments, after which we will no longer be the same.