From Ushuaia to El Chaltén

Sitting in front of the Saint Christopher tugboat, I observed the coast of the Beagle Channel. Now that I had to leave, the drizzle no longer seemed uncomfortable and, although I loved the sunny days, I liked that climate that changed every 20 minutes and redistributed the cards.

In Ushuaia I experienced much more than I ever thought about. I had started this trip to descend to the “End of the world”, to take momentum and to go back up, with the intention of closing one stage and start writing another one. On the way, the city conquered me with the warmth of its people and the wild beauty of its landscapes.

I challenged myself to climb mountains after a year of sedentary and office work; I turned off the phone and connected with what I wanted; I shared eternal days with people from different corners of the world; I practiced new languages ​​and inquired into other cultures; and, above all, I asked myself questions, many and of all kinds.

In recent days I had experienced the feeling of “being at home” again and, to my amazement, I discovered that it was something I missed. Would I find it during the rest of the trip? Would I still feel it in Buenos Aires? What would happen if I lost it? Of one thing I was sure, I didn’t want miss it.

I went back to Cruz del Sur to take the backpack I had left that morning under the stairs, after vacating my room. I said goodbye to Marcelo, until my next visit, and took a taxi to the airport. After an hour of flight, I arrived in El Calafate, where I took a bus to El Chaltén.

As the vehicle avanced to the Fitz Roy, which remained hidden behind the clouds, the afternoon began to give way to the night. It was the second time I traveled to the National Capital of Trekking and, although the route was the same, the landscape could not be more different. I had made that same trip almost two years ago but under a clear sky and with a radiant sun.

Three hours later, I arrived at Rancho Grande. “We were waiting for you”, Ariel said to me as a welcome.

Text and photos of  Gabriela Naso.

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