Ushuaia: End of the World, beginning of everything

I do not remember when the idea was installed in my mind, I only know that it became strong with the passing of time and one day I took the passage to Ushuaia with the intention of spending New Year in the “End of the world”. Once I had the plane ticket for December 26, the dream began to acquire a more metaphorical tinge.

I felt it was time to make that trip. It was the closure I wanted to give to a stage that had begun two and a half years before, when I knew what it is to hit bottom and resurface on your own.

My plan was arrive the “End of the world” and start to up, without knowing until when or where. My only limit was the date when I had to go back to work. As a friend told me: “When you get to the bottom, you have no choice but to go up”. That was exactly what he intended to do.

Many people wanted to know if he had a family in Ushuaia. When I said no, it seemed that they could not help asking: “Are you going alone?”. That question became a classic, like my answer: “Yes, but I will not be alone.” I tried to explain to them that on trips one is alone when he wants it, but I think not everyone understood it.

From the beginning, I propoused me to take a much more social trip. So, for first time, I decided to stay in hostels and not in hotels. That’s how I changed the suitecase for the backpack and, just in case, I loaded a tent and a sleeping bag borrowed. I was open to new experiences.

Text and photos of Gabriela Naso.

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